Founded in 1976, Gomarte is one of Portugal's leading hosiery and sock manufacturers.






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Today, Gomarte is a leading company in the hosiery industry, the result of a continuous effort by our group of employees.

The creativity, perfection and performance of its teams in designing the items is combined with market know-how so that the company can guarantee maximum satisfaction for all its customers.

Jorge Gomes & Irmão (Gomarte) is one of Portugal's leading hosiery and sock manufacturers, having been founded in 1976 by brothers Jorge and Abílio Gomes. Its administrative, production and commercial headquarters are located in the north of Portugal, in Barcelos (50 kilometres from Porto), a region closely linked to the textile industry.

Initially, it began operating with four hosiery production machines in a covered area of 80m2. The hosiery was sold on the domestic market under the brand name "GOMARTE", the name by which the company itself is generally known.

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Throughout its 47 years of existence, Gomarte has seen a constant desire to grow and has established itself in the market thanks to its professional and motivating family management. It currently has a production unit with a covered area of 12,000m², 190 employees and 400 modern production machines.
Today, Gomarte is a leading company in the hosiery industry, the result of a continuous effort by our group of employees, who over the years have demonstrated a vision and passion to make the company solid and distinctive, as well as innovative and modern, and recognised both nationally and internationally.

The product range is now very diverse. It can produce classic socks for men, women, children and babies, as well as technical sports socks and socks specifically for football, rugby and skiing. More than 90% of the production capacity (14,000,000 pairs/year) is exported and sold to speciality shops, stockists and large distribution chains throughout Europe.


Currently, Gomarte's main objective is the continuous improvement of its products. The entire Gomarte team is guided by the latest technological developments, investing in new equipment to achieve its goal, innovating, remaking and recreating new and better methods.

Thanks to constant innovation, research and development of new products, the result of in-depth knowledge of the market, Gomarte is proud to have some of the most prestigious brands on the market among its clients.

Care in product development, quality, know-how and time-to-market, combined with a competitive price, are the reasons why customers choose this company.

As has been the case up to now, in the 47 years of its existence, Gomarte will continue to have an enviable quality of manufacture and a commercial dynamic, which leads us to believe that all future setbacks will be overcome.

It's true that there's still a lot of work to be done, there are always aspects to improve, but we believe that the realisation of the investments made by the company, namely the transition to the new facilities, will allow us to strengthen the capacity and quality of our products, ensuring that all the necessary conditions are in place to meet the needs and demand of the market.

So this is proof that with hard work, rigorous and professional management, no waste and a lot of realism, you can achieve your goals.


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JORGE GOMES E IRMÃO SA is an OCS, RCS and RWS certified company. Only products that are covered by a valid Transaction Certificate are OCS, RCS and RWS certified.

Building a greener future, step by step, together for sustainability.

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